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Born in 1916 in Oegstgeest (NL). He died in 2009.
Kees Bol is a self-taught painter, one who though living in the 20th century is, according to one critic, more at home in the nineteenth. Not because he ever "sought connections with the platoon" but because he has always had faith in the "grand tradition" of painting. If he has been called an impressionist, a pre-impressionist, and even an expressionist (early years) it is not because he consciously tried to be any of these. He painted what he wanted to paint, without trying to follow a stream or fashion.

As a teacher of art, "Kees Bol was undoubtedly a traditionalist and a repressor, with the consequence that there are at least a handful of active artists to be found in ...Holland ... who are still able to do things that no one in the United States can pull off anymore." (Maarten Beks).

Bol is known for his landscapes, always painted on the spot no matter what the weather, and often made in France, where he has a second home. Bol made many portraits of his family, as well as a considerable number of still lifes. His stroke is broad and sure, his colours rich and intense, as is his personality.

Book Kees Bol, Maarten Beks (De Kempen, Haperts, 1991)
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